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Our Policy Statements and Terms and Conditions

One of our top priorities is protecting your security and privacy whilst you use our website.

To keep the information safe and secure we use 128-bit encryption software to protect sensitive information such as name, address and card details during your visit to the site.

KnitPat is using HSBC bank in order to maintain a very high level of security during payments.

Policy Statements

Privacy Policy

KnitPat values your privacy and will treat personal information submitted by you with care, respect and confidentiality.

Knit Pat appreciates the trust you place in us when you give us personal information and this is why KnitPat will not disclose this data to outside bodies.

We store details of how you interact with the website, we use this information to enhance and improve the website for your future use.

If you register for our newsletter, you can unregister by e-mail to with a note of what action you wish us to take. .

When you place your order you will be transferred to HSBC payment site. This has been chosen for the extra security it offers you.

If you have any concerns over privacy e-mail us at

Returns Policy

KnitPat wants you to enjoy your experience on the site and documents you purchase from us.

You are buying a virtual electronic product, which will be e-mailed to you in the form of a PDF document. There will be a link on the e-mail, which will provide the software to open the PDF file. You can also access the software from

If we send you the wrong pattern, please tell us by e-mailing, and we will either refund you or sending you the correct one. If the document is incorrect we will again either refund or send out a pattern of your choice.

KnitPat regrets that if you download a pattern and for some reason you do not like it we are unable to replace it.

KnitPat will generally not issue refunds. Requests for refunds will be handled on a case by case basis and the circumstances will dictate whether a refund is granted. If a refund is granted it will be made to the credit card used to pay for the service.

All transactions will be by the website or e-mail, so there are no postal charges.

If you have any comments please e-mail

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Use

KnitPat provides the website and its services subject to the following terms and conditions. By using the KnitPat site you accept these terms and conditions.


KnitPat values your privacy. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to help the order process and maintain our relationship with you. Information supplied to us by you will not be disclosed or offered for sale to outside bodies.

Electronic Communication

By visiting the KnitPat site you agree to receive e-mails necessary to complete the order and unless indicated, marketing material sent from KnitPat.


The website design, content, software and source code used on the site are the copyright of KnitPat or others as indicated. The pattern leaflets are to be used for non-commercial purposes. All rights are reserved.

Access and Usage of the Site

Personal use for browsing the content, placing orders and shopping online is granted.

Descriptions and Content

KnitPat will try to ensure that descriptions are accurate. KnitPat does not however guarantee that neither product descriptions nor other content of the site is accurate, reliable, up to date and error free. Should you find any errors please let us know at

Images and Pictures

Product images are intended to provide a guide to what the actual product looks like. Different web browsers, displays and display settings colours shown may differ slightly from the actual picture.


KnitPat accepts orders via its website


KnitPat reserves the right to change price information without notice until an order has been accepted.


KnitPat will electronically e-mail the pattern to you in a PDF format.  ( This will normally happen within 15 minutes after your payment has been accepted.

There is no postage; we are looking to get the product to you as fast as we can.


Once you have paid for the pattern and the correct one has been sent to you, there can be no returns.

Returns can only happen if the wrong pattern is sent to you or there is an error in the pattern.


Once you have placed an order and paid for the goods, there can be no cancellation.

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